Our analytics and rewards

Itza’s production team works with educators, cognitive scientists and psychometricians to create content in a 12-stage process designed to evaluate independent learning and higher-order skills without standardised tests. Our analytics generate personal feedback, supporting learners to progress their understanding and build their skills.

We prepare Gen Z for the digital workplace by helping them become more curious, collaborative and independent learners. Our resources give them complete agency: they decide when to evaluate themselves and share their progress.

12 stage production process

Learning analytics

Using our analytics, our outstanding team of teachers and learning scientists build a holistic view of a young person’s independent learning.

  • How persistent are they?
  • Can they solve problems?
  • Can they discriminate?
  • Are they curious?
  • Do they practice and test their learning?
Independent learning evaluation

The 'Fit Bit' of Learning

We use our proprietary analytics to power fun, impact-focused rewards which validate a learner’s progress and connect them to the real world difference they can make.

They access their personal dashboard and monitor their own badges and credentials to share with parents or teachers - if they want to. Itza gives them the tools to take control of their learning.

ITZA dashboard

We do not monetise or share their data with anyone - there is no ‘Big Brother’ watching what they do. There is no one judging them or comparing what they do with others.

Impact Metrics

Itza aggregates individual data sets to deliver Impact Metrics that quantify the engagement and effectiveness of CSR initiatives for corporates and NGOs, with metrics which range from depth of understanding to offline activities completed.

Impact Metrics

Learn and Earn

Yakka is Itza’s digital currency. Learners are rewarded for consistent and effective learning - and they spend their Yakka in the Yakka Store. Full launch in mid 2022.

Yakka Store

Learning from lockdown

The pandemic has changed the way we work and is certain to accelerate change in the way our teens learn and prepare for their future.

ITZA spoke to some of the silent majority of young people who worked online during lockdown, independently and with the support of their parents. The results were unequivocal.

Learning from lockdown

The Itza survey set out to listen, really listen, to school-age students. In so doing, a significant lesson has been taught to us teachers over these past few months. Teachers and parents need to come alongside students and understand how they learn in what is a new era.
Tony Little, past headmaster of Eton College, UK.

Learning from lockdown

Enjoyed working at their own pace.

Learning from lockdown

Liked the freedom to find things out for themselves on the Internet.

Learning from lockdown

Wanted their lessons to be more relevant to the ‘real world’.

Learning from lockdown

Wanted to explore more of the things they were interested in.

I have spent a decade working in the media business, and a lifetime studying it. After watching nearly every part of this sector transform I’ve experienced the forces at work and the patterns at play. Without a doubt in my mind, those same forces are now headed straight for the education industry's ivory towers.
Sterling Proffer, past VP at Vice, New York

The pandemic has accelerated the move to independent learning for teens.

Itza will provide a safe place for time well spent online.
Anthony Bouchier - founder ITZA

Learning from Lockdown

Curiosity-driven learning is hard to accommodate in the test-driven environment of most teens’ school-life. Secondary school pupils today receive insufficient opportunity or encouragement to master the study skills that prepare them for life-long, independent learning.
Real change will driven from outside the system. Itza is an exciting catalyst for this change.

Prof Dragan Gasevic, Monash University, Melbourne