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Through 2021/22 Itza tested its content and analytics in schools across the UK including two global pilot releases with WWF in Q4 2021 and Q4 2022. The feedback has been amazing:

What the learners thought

"We’re not forced to do anything. There’s freedom"

Learn to save our planet

Case Study: WWF Partnerships

Itza has teamed up with WWF in a long-term agreement to deliver multi-media learning resources that teach the science of sustainability to Gen Z at home and in school, using footage from various WWF/Netflix series including David Attenborough: A Life on our Planet.

They watch the Attenborough film but it didn’t create the same impact as your website. I have never seen them learn so much and feel so much.
Parent, Oxford

I was stunned. They completly ran with it. It was amazing to see how involved and motivated they got. They just loved being in control.
Teacher, London

2021 Test – MVP launch 2022

By November 2022 WWF and Itza collaborated in two global tests of the Itza platform - 98,000 young people in 80 countries registered to take part in the WWF GLOBAL CHALLENGE - across the two online events around 53% - were aged 13 or over.

As a finale learners took part in a live quiz on their phones or laptops – testing what they had learnt over the previous month.

A teacher observes how learners use Itza -"They take control of what they’re learning"

Live quizzing - with constant chat feedback

I like the way that they teach by games and videos but it is still very interesting. I also liked that there was a store.
WildBee8993, Sabah, Malaysia

Learning from lockdown

Over the WWF Global Challenges in 2021 and 2022:

  • 98,000 registered learners
  • Top 10% of learners averaged 43 mins per day on the site.
  • 507,000 quizzes completed.
  • 22,000 hours of independent learning.
  • 13,000 badges and credentials earned.

Unbeknown to me the children are signed up and competing against each other - but as Head of Geography I seem to be the last to know! This is such a great initiative.
Teacher, Bucks

Over the past two year range of companies supported the initiative with promotion and prizes - all set for full launch in 2023. New Itza learners promoting a great cause - understanding the truth about climate change.

Learn to Save Our Planet

Itza is a connecting point to a generation that expects social purpose from those they buy from.

I thought I needed to grow up to make a difference but now I know that even my little changes can make a big difference. With Itza we now think about what we eat and what we buy because it all has an impact on the Earth.
SnowBear898, Sri Lanka

In the Mayan calendar, 1995 was the close of the epoch of faith and belief and the birth of the era of knowledge and knowing:

The Age of Itza

1995 also saw the start of consumer access to the Internet.